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Poster: Kurt_Canning_2004 Date: Sep 16, 2004 5:43am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Jack Grimes Presidential Priorities

Well Now that you brought it up Jack, I have a few of these myself.

1)Establish Completly Public government funded health care.

2)Reduce Space and glactic exporation funds. Put money toward Public education, deficit, and enviornmental help.

3) Reduce taxes for middle and lower class brackets, minimal increases for upper class brackets.

4) stricten immigration policies, no more amnesty for illegal immigrants.

5)Establish nenewable energy as main source of energy in united states.

6) eliminate buisnesses from campaign finances, only idividuals and special intrest groups may donate to campaigns.

7) Increase buisness tax.

Vote Canning-Martin 2004!